Tears Water the Seeds of Hope
Table of Contents
1.  Wrecked for Life
2.  The Price of a Child’s Eyesight
3.  Limited Resources and Heart Breaking Choices
4.  Scorpions, Snakes and Scary Roommates
5.  Stepping Stones
6.  Crossing the Line between Faith and Foolishness?
7.  Seeing is Believing
8.  New Directions and Uncharted Territory
9.  Where to Begin?
10. Real Monsters under the Bed
11. An Olive Branch for Oscar
12. A Well Worn Path in the Sky
13. Seeds of Hope
14. From Those to Whom Much Has Been Given, Much Will  
      be Expected
15. Are You There God?
16. A Rainbow for Luis
17. Searching For Rita
18. An Angel for Alma
19. Bridging the Gap between Life and Death
20. Love as a Way of Life
21. A Labor of Love
22. Transitional Heroes
23. An Unexpected Baton Carrier
24. Eighty Pounds of Courage
25. With Love From Stavropol
26. Treasures in Heaven  
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